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FESTIVAL HEADLINER: ILM Presents Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars is a big deal

With the release of the most recent film in the Star Wars world, The Force Awakens, the world has truly gone Star Wars mad all over again. The movie itself is already breaking records with it set to become the highest grossing box-office film of all time.

The original films broke new ground and impacted the way movies were created and what the term ‘blockbuster’ meant. These ground-breaking effects created by ILM, meant that the Star Wars films became big features that were eagerly anticipated.

ILM’s involvement The Force Awakens

ILM were brought on board again to create the special effects on The Force Awakens, following their creation of these effects across the previous films. As part of their work on the new film, ILM created new technology to bring to life the new characters across the universes.

We’re happy to have them as our headliner on Day 3 of the VFX Festival

Day 1

VFX, Games & Animation

Tuesday 23 February 2016


Day 2

VFX, Games & Animation

Wednesday 24 February 2016


Day 3

VFX, Games & Animation

Thursday 25 February 2016



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the vFX festival 2016 theme

We will be discussing the convergence of technologies across the industries to produce the next big thing, how the big players in industry are responding to the rise of VR, AR and other media sharing tech and how this will inform the skillset required for the next generation of VFX practitioners. We call this the sweet spot