The VFX Festival Virtual Series

A series of monthly events focusing on award-winning projects, trends, technology, development, and innovation from around the world. This part of the festival consists of talks, presentations and workshops to dedicated to everyone looking for knowledge-building opportunities.  

Upcoming events

Nuke 13.0 Skill-Up by Jessie Burgess, Creative Specialist at Foundry 

Foundry’s Creative Specialist Jessie Burgess will present a Nuke demo, review Nuke’s new machine learning tool sets, share tips and tricks on how to use the Smart Vector feature, and discuss best practices.

INNER SPACE - How NVIZ’s collaborative virtual world helped plan The
Midnight Sky’s most intense scenes

In this session, Head of Visualisation Janek Lender walks us through NVIZ’s unique approach to true collaborative real time visualisation in the virtual space.

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